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The 360° Method

Being immersed as much as possible is how I learned three languages.
Apply it to your hobbies and everyday life so you learn English grammar and vocabulary, without even realising! Podcasts, articles and tv series are great options and your native teacher will help you create a personalised schedule.
Every class is 100% in English. You will practice all the major skills and don’t worry if you don’t understand something, our tutors are carefully chosen and trained to support you in a simple and friendly way.

Steve - Founder

Our students work for global companies around the world

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What our students say

When my company became a multinational 5 years ago, I was concerned by the new challenge of "English language." I met Convo and with their help, learning English hasn't been so difficult. They gave me the key to success; teaching me to love it! Now I can say that if you trust them you'll be sure that your English level will increase quickly.

Luigi, Hitachi


Being a doctor also means dedicating time to academic research to increase medical knowledge. Research and international conferences are all in English, to facilitate communication between scientists worldwide which is why I need to keep myself "trained". I often need to discuss my research projects and share my results, in the best way possible and Convo has helped me reach this goal.

Anna, Resident Medical Doctor


Thanks to online English lessons I was able to build strong linguistic competences needed for my future training and professional pathway. I attend a Master in Finance, taught entirely in English so support from my personal tutor has been fundamental to achieve my exams without any difficulty. Since I was very young, I had English lessons with Steven and my level has increased from KET (A2) to ADVANCED (C1), obtaining each Cambridge certification!

Pierluigi, Economics graduate


I believe that online lessons are a perfect way to improve my level of English considering my professional engagements. Over the years, I have been able to increase my knowledge and skills thanks to this method.

Stefania, Financial Analyst, Be Consulting Spa


I met Steven in 2008 and since then I've been doing English lessons with him who later opened Convo. He’s one of Convo's beating hearts. Thanks to him & Convo I improved my English and also enjoyed lessons.
Indeed, online lessons are productive (in fact your mistakes are immediately shown on the screen) and interactive, since you’re asked to do different kind of exercises during it. Additionally lessons are also interesting as topics vary on a weekly basis and this is also an opportunity to share ideas and opinions with the teachers.
I think Convo is a cool project and I suggest everyone to at least give it a try!

Alessandro, Insight Studio

Legale, Milan

Alessandro Testimonial Profile
I can proudly say that I was able to get a 7,5 overall in IELTS, which definitely would have been quite unbelievable to me 4-5 months ago! Steve is very kind, honest and highly focused on your individual needs, so that you are provided with the strategies and motivation. Undoubtedly I couldn’t have done it without his tips and training! Therefore, I can’t recommend Steve highly enough as a teacher, thank you!

Julio, Dentist


Julio Testimonial Profile
I joined the professional preparation fast-track. The fantastic surprise I had was that with Convo, this is done through a significant improvement of the English level of the participants. The amazing methodology based on interaction, input, feedback and inspiration really makes the difference in learning a language.

Sabrina, Senior Retail Manager


Sabrina Testimonial Profile
Being a student for Convo has been highly helpful for the preparation of the C1 exam. I’d like to emphasise the support I’ve received from my teacher and the motivation that she always inspires in me. Scheduling the lessons has been very easy and flexible.

Cesar Piqueras, Author


Cesar Testimonial Profile

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