1 Simple Way To Improve Your Public Speaking Presentation Skills

Updated: 26/07/2022

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Public speaking is an essential skill for leaders

Why Public Speaking is Important to Success

Public speaking is an ability that can be learned and improved with practice. It has been proven to be an important skill for success in many different industries.

Public speaking is an essential skill for any career path, because it helps you communicate your ideas and messages to other people and teams in a persuasive way. This is a clear demonstration of leadership and management cability, so if you work in a company, you will need to develop these skills to advance.

In the future, more jobs will require public speaking skills as more work becomes remote-based or virtual.

Are you an aspiring manager? You'll need motivate teams through speaking and presenting

Instantly Improve Your Speaking Skills: Follow A Structure 

Public speaking is a skill that not everyone can master. However, if you clearly organise your ideas and main points, you can make the impact you are looking to achieve. 

The most basic structure to any talk includes the following:

-The introduction
-The body
-The conclusion

A good introduction should be able to grab the attention of the audience and set up the tone for the rest of the speech. A good introduction should also be able to answer questions such as "why am I here?" and "what do I want to achieve?". 

The body of a speech should be structured in a way that it can convey your message clearly and in an organized manner. 

The conclusion is important because it will leave an impression on your audience and bring everything together.

Another example of a speech structure

Concluding Thoughts on How to Become a Better Speaker

One essential idea that we explored in this article is having a clear structure. A clearly structured talk will not only help the audience follow your points, it will help you, the speaker, accurately communicate your message with the intended impact. 

A final recommendation is that while there are many different structures to choose from, keep your structure simple, especially if you are presenting in a second language. Simplicity is key in effective communication so use it to your advantage.

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