Summer Camp 2019 - the teacher's opinion

Updated: 08/02/2023

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Campo di inglese estivo insieme British Community
Having organised a summer camp in partnership with Università Telematica Pegaso for young learners in 2018 which unfortunately did not take flight, thanks to the excellent collaborative work of the new cultural association "Green Immersion", by Maria Cristina Signore, we were able to successfully launch British Community's first 2-week Summer Camp in the mountainous setting of Ceppaloni, a province of Benevento. 

Not only was it a big moment for the team but as always, we aim to differentiate ourselves from traditional schools. This was never intended to be English lessons in the sun. True to our identity, we wanted to make this an immersive experience and create lasting memories for the children and parents, who were looking for something more than just language classes. 

Thanks to the spacious Signore property, the luscious green surroundings and the modern sports centre "Green Park", directly opposite the location, we were able to combine academic language learning with nature, adventure and an array of sporting activities ranging from swimming to tennis, specialised classes and even a day of Capoeira with local expert Paolo Caverna.
Days began with the kids preparing the table for breakfast and washing up followed by 3 hours of academic learning, lunch, afternoon classes or activities and finally sports, all before dinner and movies. It was a full-on, English immersed experience that saw the children build interpersonal skills with their peers, learn new crafts and engage in English around the clock.
Feedback from students and parents has been tremendous and we are already working on improving the program for September when we'll host a "mini-camp", for a long weekend!

Not only was this a unique experience for our students but also for our teachers, Gerard and Tania, from Ireland and Australia respectively. Here is Tania's take on the 2 weeks:

Students received a British Community certificate at the end of the camp

"Well what a jam pack explosion of fun summer camp was and not just for the children. 

Across the two separate weeks, the ceramic classes, pizza making, ping pong rallies and epic diving competitions at the pool were just some of the many activities that were throughly enjoyed by all. Yes, big ceramics and pizza fan right here! 

With the camp catering for the different language levels, the main purpose was to allow the children to not only make new friends but to learn, improve and most importantly communicate using English language all whilst having lots of fun. 

With the house immersed in the green surroundings of Ceppaloni, waking up to the morning sunlight and view was just remarkable, there’s nothing quite like that country air minus a few mosquitoes, but remarkable to say the least. 
With the Green Park pool and centre directly across the road there was not better location to cool down and soak up the vitamin D. 

There was no shortage of food; Nonna Angela’s and Christina’s cooking were just  amazing, I’m pretty sure I returned to Napoli a few kilograms heavier!

The days in Ceppaloni were never dull and some days I have never laughed so much in my whole life. The children who participated were just delightful and full of life. Some have very creative minds and it was such a pleasure to watch them learn, develop and improve their skills in the English language.

The Green Immersion and British Community teams both successfully created fun-filled adventures and experiences across the two weeks and I enjoyed every moment! 
It was a wonderful experience, being part of something that was relatively new and watch it grow and develop as time went on. 

To see the children form more confidence whilst speaking a new language put a smile on my face and even those who already had a firm understanding walked away learning something new. 
The children even taught me a few things or two of the Neapolitan language! 

Can’t wait for the next rounds of summer camp!"

A truly unique experience for everyone involved, we are looking forward to the next English adventure.

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