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Join an innvoative, remote, international team!

Speak up for your Community!

You know our mission is to change the way we learn languages. We are not fans of grammar books or tests but we do love using English to make new friends, travel, find work opportunities or live in another country!

We believe languages are a tool to connect people worldwide and build friendships together, which is why we are an international language community 🌍 ! Our community offers...

1. Immersive experience  2. Teaching  3. Events  4. Friendship  5. Fun - all in English.

We achieve this thanks to our wonderful AMBASSADOR TEAM - an international group of our students who support our projects and mission. This is why we need your help - yes, you... !

Ambassador team meetup

Are you...?

... in love with learning English?
... a people person - love talking and helping others?
... looking for a flexible, remote, work opportunity?
... excited to join a bilingual team?
... independant and enjoy working both individually and in a team?

Can you...?

... communicate respectfully?
... manage your time effectively?
... use social media appropriately?
... use I.T programs such as Excel?
... find creative solutions?
... test, track and review ideas?

Would you like to...?

... mentor people to learn English?
... share the British Community experience with others?
... invite foreigners to join our events in English?
... earn rewards and benefits for referring new students?

If the answer is YES, contact us ! Send a 30 second video in English explaining why you are excited about joining our Ambassador team and what you can bring!

Please email 📩 , we can't wait to hear from you 🎉

Federica, student and Ambassador since 2019

Excited? Read more about our values in our manifesto.

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