Spanish Summer

Spanish Summer

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The perfect way to improve your Spanish. A fun, intimate and small community of learners meeting regularly to discuss engaging topics and enjoy a drink together, virtually 🇪🇸


Are you travelling or working this summer and need to brush up and improve your Spanish fluency and confidence?

If you are searching for a way to speak to a native Spanish speaker without the pressure of formal classes nor exams, you are in the right place. 

What Is Convo Summer Spanish?

A small community of enthusiastic people from around the world connect to improve their Spanish communication skills.

Our philosophy for rapid and effective language learning is; immersion, interaction, relevance and fun.

Convo Zoom Class

What Does The Program Include?

Your subscription lasts 4 weeks and can be renewed every month. The program is made up of 2 parts; live virtual weekly classes and community. 

Weekly Classes

  • 2 live classes a week on Zoom with your peers and native teacher.
  • Each class has a different focus and topic. 
  • Learn new vocabulary and common Spanish expressions. 
  • Learn speaking and pronunciation techniques.
  • Discover a range of Spanish and hispanic culture
  • Grammar and accuracy correction during each class. 
  • Classes are conversation focused and combine plenary and group activities. 


  • Private Google Classroom space to interact with peers inbetween classes.
  • Complete tasks and challenges set by your teacher.
  • Problem-solve with your colleagues with Q&A.
  • Upload and download material, resources and tasks

All includes
  • Learning resources
  • Certificate of attendance

Your Spanish Teacher

  • Based on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria, Ada Puerta Lopez will be your personal Spanish teacher.
  • Ada is bilingual and has extensive teaching experience both online and in public schools. 
  • She brings her fun, friendly personality to create interactive and dynamic classes. 
  • Ada is looking forward to giving you a inside view and a taste of her magical island.

Ada is a bilingual, friendly, professional language teacher

                                                                          Meet Ada Puerta Lopez

The Curriculum

  • Live class every MONDAY & FRIDAY, 18.00 - 19.00 (GMT +1)
  • Topics include: Culture, Travel, Food, Work, Environment, Business, Lifestyle, Music
  • FUNwork as opposed to homework
  • Practice of all communication skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening)

          Jump in and enjoy these fun Spanish sessions with Ada ❗️VAMOS ❗️ ↗️
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