Coaching For Professionals

Coaching For Professionals


For professionals who want to create more impact, success and opportunity at work and in their personal life. Minimum C1 level .

What got you here, won't get you there....
You are an experienced professional. You know your craft and are recognised for it. Your colleagues look up to you and your bosses respect your results, and you are ready for the next step...

Or perhaps...

You're a fabulous educator and passionate about teaching others, helping people develop and learn. After several years in this sector you are considering your options and which path to take...

If you are:
  • considering a new career or creating new opportunities...
  • unsure of your current skills and strengths...
  • searching for your purpose and specific answers...
  • in need of support to develop your career and/or balance your personal life...
....personal coaching may be for you. 

Imagine a professional who dedicates their entire focus, energy, experience and skills to your personal and professional development...

Imagine finding clarity to make the best decisions for your career and personal life...

How would it feel to be confident in your abilities and possibilities to achieve your big goal?

Working 1-1 with a professional coach provides 


Coaching is a unique experience to understand yourself and create new opportunities

How Does It Work?

  • Reserve a 30 minute introduction to discuss your situation and what you want to create: here 
  • Create a custom program based on your objectives
  • Receive your material and begin preparation
  • 1-1 coaching sessions weekly / fortnightly 
  • See tangible results in your work and life!

Who is your coach?

Learn more about Stefano: here
See Stefano's coaching reviews: here
Stefano Palumbo with world famous US Coach Michael Neill in London

Ready to make a big positive change in your life?

Let's talk. Reserve a 30 minute conversation together.


                                                             🔴(Please note, must be C1+ to enrol)🔴

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